​​​​​​​On the Syrian track … Turkey exploits truce in Libya 

​​​​​​​Libyan army spokesman Major General Ahmed al-Mismari revealed that Turkey is taking advantage of the ceasefire truce, and is installing an American air defense system at Maitika airport, and confirmed that Turkey has landed weapons and artillery at Misurata port, and continues to bring Syrian mercenaries to Tripoli.

"We monitored the arrival of weapons by sea and air to the Tripoli militias during the ceasefire period," said Libyan army spokesman Major General Ahmed al-Mismari, adding: "We monitored the installation of an air defense system at Maitika airport, and the landing of hostile forces from Turkey and Syria."

Al-Mismari indicated that the ceasefire was agreed upon at the request of friendly countries, despite the army's arrival in the heart of Tripoli, adding: "Our forces are fully committed to the ceasefire, while we have recorded violations by the Tripoli militias."

The military spokesman indicated that there are no orders so far to respond to the breaches of the Tripoli militia, stressing that the Libyan army has full readiness to respond to the breaches, and will not compromise on the sacrifices of the people.

The military spokesman said: It is the Libyan people who closed the oil ports and fields, describing them as a mighty step, and adding: The armed forces only have to protect the Libyan people and protect all of its components, and not to allow anyone to threaten it.

He stated that the angry mass demonstrations against sending Turkish forces to Libya are being followed up, indicating that the angry masses closed the oil ports, after ignoring their voice against the Turkish invasion.

In a related context, the sheikh of al-Zawiya tribe, the mayor of al-Sanusi, al-Haliq al-Zawi, announced the start of the movement to close fields and oil ports, stressing that the movement aims to dry up the sources of terrorist financing with oil revenues, as well as to demand the return of the oil company to its headquarters in Benghazi.

Al-Haliq pointed out that all tribes of the region participate in this movement until the demands are implemented.



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