On the impact of regime's progress, Turkey threatens it again with weapons

Turkish Vice President Fuad Oktay once again threatened the regime forces with weapons if they did not withdraw beyond the so-called Turkish control points before the end of this month.

Oktay said in press statements today, that Ankara conveyed its position to Russia clearly with regard to Idlib, during talks between the two parties recently.

Faud Oktay renewed the threat to use force of weapons to repel the regime forces, if it did not withdraw from the area by the end of this month.

In spite of the Turkish threats and the sending of military frames, the Syrian regime forces continue to advance in the Idlib and Aleppo countryside, where they were able today to fully secure the perimeter of the international road "M5" amid continued clashes.

Tensions is intensifying between the regime forces and Turkey, against the backdrop of the advancement of Russian forces with Russian support and the killing of Turkish soldiers.



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