On Martyrs' Day: thanks to their sacrifices, we live in freedom, dignity

The families of the martyrs in Tirbê Spîyê district have congratulated on Martyrs' Day their relatives in Kurdistan and north and east of Syria, stressing that their commemoration on this day is the renewal of the covenant to follow their footsteps.

The month of May is known throughout Kurdistan as Martyrs' Day. In May, the commander Hakki Qerar, who was the role example in in the freedom and the struggle to all the martyrs of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement and the martyrs of North and East Syria Revolution, was martyred.

Shaha Othman, the mother of the martyr Riwan Tirbê Spîyê who was martyred in the first campaign to liberate the areas of Tel Hamis from the terror of Daesh, pointed out, "With the establishment of the Kurdish Liberation Movement, we have sacrificed many martyrs, and to the day, we have still been sacrificing. We renew the promise to the blood of our martyrs who gave the most precious they had for Kurdistan areas and north-east of Syria to enjoy peace and security."

The mother of the martyr Riwan confirmed that the martyr Riwan, like his fellow martyrs, gave his life since the beginning of the establishment of the People's Protection Units (YPG), and participated in many liberation campaigns from Daesh until he was martyred in the campaign to liberate the region of Tel-Hamis from Daesh.

Qassem Soumi, the father of the martyr Shervan from the Syriac component who was martyred in 2016 in al-Shaddadi area, pointed out that "the month of May represents a commemoration and celebration at the same time. We commemorate our martyrs who were martyred in May to launch the spark of freedom, and celebrate their sacrifices that brought us to this stage of freedom and dignity."

Ayed al-Habib pointed out that the martyr Shoresh believed in the leader's thought and philosophy which had called on the peoples' fraternity, and joined with the people of his village and the children of his uncles to form a faction under the name of the Martyr Alan to participate in all the liberation campaigns from the village of Bezona to the areas of al-Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor. Today, his comrades fulfilled their promise to him and eradicated IS' terrorism that threatened the whole world.



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