On leader Ocalan's birthday, trees planted in Dêrik

Members of Kongra Star in Dêrik planted a number of trees in the garden of the martyr, Khabat Dêrik, in coincidence with the anniversary birthday of the leader, Abdullah Ocalan

A number of Kongra Star members went to Khabat Dêrik garden to participate in planting trees in coincidence with the annual memory of Abdullah Ocalan's birthday.

The event included reading a statement on the occasion by the administrator in Kongra Star in Dêrik, Wasfia Murad.

"We congratulate the world and the yearning people for the freedom, leader Abdullah Ocalan's birthday and we bless this great day on the Women Protection Units, ( YPJ ). Today marks the establishment of the ( YPJ ), that have defended the freedom of the people in northeastern Syria," the statement said.

Participants then planted a number of fruit trees and adultery trees in the garden.



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