​​​​​​​On its 35th day... "Woman, Life, Freedom" uprising continues

 The uprising that erupted under the slogan "Women, Life, Freedom" in Iran and the Kurdistan Region continues to enter its fifth month, despite the Iranian state's suppression of the uprising by all methods and means.  However, it continues without interruption.

 The uprising of "Women, Life, Freedom" in Iran and Kurdistan's revolution entered its 135th day, under the imposition of Iranian courts;  Severe penalties for protesters, teachers, activists and journalists.

 In the city of Sine, an activist named;  Rafik Salim on charges of “corruption on earth.” In the cities of Iran, many civil society activists, artists, academics, journalists, and citizens have been punished;  For their participation in and support for the protests.

 One of the female protesters detained by the Iranian authorities is Armita Abbasi. Armita was brought to trial yesterday, and it was previously mentioned that Armita Abbasi was tortured and assaulted during her detention.

 Yesterday, it issued a decree banning the Iranian director, Massoud Chemie, from leaving the country.

Security forces arrested Astiaj Haqiqi, 21, and her husband, Amir Muhammad Ahmadi, 22, on November 1, 2022, during the uprising that swept across Iran and Eastern Kurdistan, for performing a dance in Azadi Square, and the “Revolution” Court in Tehran issued a sentence against them.  Ten years and six months each for "encouraging corruption, collusion against the country's security, and propaganda against the regime."

 In terms of security and the deployment of military forces in Iranian cities and the Kurdistan region, a large number of Iranian security forces were deployed in the city of Ciwanro, yesterday.

 Despite all the killings, executions, arrest campaigns and kidnappings, the protests in Iran and Rojhelat / East Kurdistan continue unabated.



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