On International Women's Day, 100 trees planted in Dêrik

Members of Kongra Star planted in the city of Dêrik 100 trees in the "April 4th Park ", as part of the activities of International Women's Day, which marks on March 8

Dozens of members of Kongra Star and representatives of civil society institutions in Dêrik went to the April 4th Park in Shaheed Khabat neighborhood, to plant 100 trees in the garden, on the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day.

The women wore Kurdish folk dress, and carried pictures of leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The Administrative Department of the Economic Commission in Dêrik Wafaa Ali delivered a speech in which I congratulated all the women of the world on the occasion of International Women's Day. She added, "Women have struggled throughout history and in all revolutions and rejected tyranny, until they reached this great stage and achieved many achievements at all levels."

Wafaa pointed out that "as women in northern and eastern Syria, they will continue their struggle until the liberation of leader Abdullah Ocalan, and they will not sit idly by about what he is exposed to in Imrali prison, and demanded that Ocalan's health and safety be revealed."

Afterwards, the women went to the garden to plant 100 trees, among the slogans that revive the resistance of my emperor and revive the resistance of women.



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