On Halabja massacre anniversary, KCP calls on Kurdish forces to unite

On the anniversary of the Halabja massacre, the Kurdistan Communist Party called on all "Kurdish political forces and parties to truly and honestly unite their frontiers of the liberation struggle in all parts of Kurdistan without trusting or relying on the occupied regimes of Kurdistan."


On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of Halabja city massacre, the Kurdistan Communist Party(KCP) issued a statement to the public opinion, the statement included:

"The Kurdish nation as a historical civilized nation living in its homeland for thousands of years, this nation does not advocate or call for war, but defends itself against wars of all kinds, and despite hundreds of unjust wars and old and modern mass massacres, they did not and will not give up and remained stuck to the soil of their country. The Kurdish national and social liberation movement, which is worthy of complete political and economic independence, has historically failed to prove, in all its stages of liberation, the presence of true friends or allies, but only rarely to be the friend and ally of itself.

Halabja Resistance and steadfastness that fascist regime of Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against it on March 16, 1988 killing more than five thousand people and wounding and maiming tens of thousands, not to mention other genocides and chemical operations.

The criminal terrorist Daesh occupied Kobani and displaced hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants, killing and wounding thousands, and then Peshmerga, YPG, and YPJ liberated it.

The occupation of the Afrin region of 365 towns, villages and a city with a population of 950 thousand - million people, the Turkish fascist measures and their criminal and terrorist tools of killing, displacement, torture, starvation, demographic change, looting and theft.

Şengal occupation and enslaving its inhabitants, selling them on the markets and committing mass massacres against them in a criminal and heinous manner, by Daesh terrorists who are the scum of societies.

The occupation of Kirkuk and Mosul and other Kurdish villages and cities in Rojava and Başûr Kurdistan, extermination and deprivation by the Erdogan regime, the patron of terrorism and financer against our people in Kurdistan in the Bakur of Kurdistan, the executions and starvation, killing and torture by the rotten Iranian regime against our people in Rojhilat Kurdistan.

All these crimes of the regimes ruling Kurdistan against the people of Kurdistan are crimes against humanity, but the Kurds refused to surrender and sustained in their resistance against these injustices and crimes.

Supporting this resistance is the correct policy of the Kurdish political forces and parties and their alliance with each other in a genuine and honest way on the fronts of an active liberation struggle that aims to Kurdistan's national and social liberation in all parts of Kurdistan without trusting or relying on the occupying regimes of Kurdistan and imperialist, capitalist regimes that shamelessly work only for its monopolistic capitalist interests, but also for the interests of oppressed peoples and nations and their legitimate natural rights to freedom and social justice.



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