On going resistance in Makhmour camp for seventh day

The people of Makhmour camp continue to resist against the attempts of the Iraqi army to besiege the camp.

Yesterday, the Iraqi army placed barbed wire and built towers, but the people of Makhmour, including women, children, and the elderly, stood against its attempts to besiege the camp.

The people went towards the military vehicles of the Iraqi army, which tried to dig trenches, and filled the trenches with hands and simple tools, according to Roj News Agency.

In an interview with Roj News, the co-chair of the Makhmour camp council, Faliza Budak, called on the Kurdish people, civil organizations and institutions to support the resistance of the Kurdish people in the camp.

For 7 days, the Iraqi army has been trying to surround the Makhmour camp (the martyr Rustam Judy) with trenches and then put up walls and towers, under pressure from the Turkish occupation state and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, while the people of Makhmour did not allow this and resisted.



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