On eve of feast… Yezidis visit graves of their dead

Yazidi families today visited the shrines of their dead on the eve of the celebration of the Red Wednesday, "Yazidi New Year", as well as the distribution of alms and the exchange of congratulations on the coming of the feast.

Wednesday, April 17, marks the Red Wednesday or the Yazidi New Year, celebrated by the Yazidis, marks the day of the creation and the resurrection of life in the land, in which the people color the eggs in bright colors that express the colors of life and spring. The egg is the symbol of the globe.

On the eve of the feast, Yazidi families visit the village of Tirbespiyê of Qamishlo, the tomb of Diari Falki in the village of Utlja, 14 km northeast of the area, a cemetery for the dead of the Yazidis.

There the families distributed alms, which included fruits, colored eggs and some sweets.

The Yazidi women expressed their joy at the coming of the feast and wished for peace on this day.



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