On Afrin occupation’s anniversary, calls for escalating struggle, removing Turkish occupation

The Afrin Provincial Council, the General Council in Aleppo, and the Civil Council in Raqqa condemned the Turkish occupation of Afrin, and stressed the escalation of the resistance until "defeating fascism and liberating Afrin".

In conjunction with the second anniversary of the occupation of Afrin, the councils of civil administrations in the regions of northern and eastern Syria issued statements denouncing the Turkish occupation, and called for an escalation of the struggle.


Dozens of members of the civil councils and the people of Afrin residing in Al-Awda camp in Ziyara village gathered to denounce the Turkish occupation of Afrin, and during the gathering Afrin Provincial Council released a statement in this regard:

"On behalf of the Afrin Provincial Council and its resisting people, as we resisted fifty-eight days in the first phase of the Resistance of the Age against the bombing of Turkish planes and their artillery shells seven hundred and thirty-one days in the second stage and we will continue our struggle and we will increase the pace of resistance and we will destroy the Turkish fascism in Afrin and liberate it and return under the banner of freedom and dignity and proud to our homeland and the soil of our ancestors, the city of olives and peace, Afrin.

The statement called on the United Nations and human rights organizations to document Erdogan's crimes in Afrin and prosecute him internationally as a war criminal and also pressure the Turkish state to end the occupation and return the people to their homes."


In the city of Aleppo, dozens of members of civil institutions gathered in Al-Shuhada Square in the western section of Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in the city of Aleppo.

"We in the General Council for the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh in Aleppo, we stand for the sake of honor and dignity for the martyrs of the resistance of the age who sacrificed and watered the dust of Afrin with their pure blood in order to defend their land and their dignity, and we condemn this brutal occupation and the Arabization and displacement policies practiced by it," the statement said. The Turkish state and the daily violations our people in Afrin and Al-Shahba cantons suffer from like indiscriminate shelling of villages and camps and forced displacement.

The statement called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities to end the Turkish occupation of Afrin canton and "provide the necessary protection for our people in Afrin and the rest of the occupied territories by the Turkish enemy." He also pledged to continue the resistance until "the liberation of all our lands occupied by the Turkish occupation."


The Civil Council in Raqqa also issued a statement in this regard denouncing the continuation of Turkish violations against the people of Afrin in conjunction with the second anniversary of the occupation of the canton, and the council called on the international parties to break their silence and open investigation files regarding what is going on there.

The statement stated that Turkish practices in the Syrian territories "made the Syrian kill the Syrian, change the demography, displace the residents of the cities it occupied, housing and send the mercenary factions to it, use the most heinous methods of killing and torturing innocent civilians, and robbing and looting the private property of civilians."

The statement also condemned the international silence regarding the crimes of the Turkish occupation, and demanded "all parties concerned with human rights and international courts who are interested in the Syrian issue and file, and concerned with the Syrian solution, to break their silence and open investigation files regarding the crimes that are taking place, and to take positive steps towards restoring Syrian lands" and end the occupation. "



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