On 9th day, sit-inners assure support for hunger strikers

The activities of the sit-in tent and the support of the hunger strikers set up in al-Shahba continue today for 9 consecutive day in which thousands of people from Afrin region participated.

Under the slogan "With the resistance of the prisons we will triumph and guarantee the freedom of leader Apo", Kongra Star in Afrin region set up a tent for solidarity with the hunger strikers in one of the squares of Ahdath area in al-Shahba on 16 May this month.

The sit-in tent was attended by thousands of residents of the region of Afrin and on its ninth and last day, the day was attended by martyrs' families.

 Within the tent, pictures of hunger strikers who were martyred in Turkish state prisons, rejecting the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and Leyla Guven were hung, as well as pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The participants also wore white blouses printed with the picture of Ocalan, with the slogans "Freedom of the leader Apo" and "the Freedom of the Leader to Ensure the Liberation of Afrin."

On the ninth day of the sit-in, participants stood a minute of silence, then they listened to a recorded statement by Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan about organizing the people on the basis of revolutionary life.

Afterwards, a member of the Martyrs' Families Council Thuraya Habash said: "As the families of the martyrs we support the resistance of the prisons and Leyla Guven and Nasser Yagiz and their comrades on hunger strike to death to reject the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan.

"We are ready to support the hunger strikers, and we will continue to organize our activities to break the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan," she said.

The administrator at the Martyrs' Families Council Sobhan Hussein condemned isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, and international organizations who claim to protect human rights and continued "had there been organizations advocating human rights, they would have lifted the isolation of Ocalan in Imrali prison."

"We will not stand idly by and we will fight to reach our goal and we will not step backwards," said Zakia Ismail, a member of the Martyrs' Families Council. "We are moving forward, no matter how strong the enemy is, our will is stronger."

Zakia saluted Leyla Guven and her colleagues' activists in the hunger strike campaign, especially the resisting strikers to death.

Today's activities ended with chants saluting the strikers and the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, and the sit-in is to end tomorrow.


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