On 9th anniversary of Syrian revolution ... AA calls for finding solution to end tragedy, achieve democracy

By the ninth anniversary of the start of the revolution in Syria, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria confirmed that it is “a moral and national responsibility to work to find what will end the Syrian tragedy,

and contribute to achieving stability and democracy”, and noted that the areas of the Autonomous Administration formed a powerful factor to preserve the spirit of the revolution that the Syrian components wanted, blaming the regime and the opposition linked to external agendas for the continued Syrian tragedy.

 “The spark of the Syrian revolution launched due to what the country witnessed of the state of repression and denial decades ago, demanding freedom and change in Syria. The revolution in its beginning was peaceful, but as a result of the regime’s incursion and its lack of response with the peaceful demonstrators' demands for change, regional and international interventions to militarize the revolution, and also the state of the diaspora, the spirit of the true revolution in Syria weakened, so that personal interests and regional agendas are now strongly present, where those factors met with the emergence of radical extremist organizations that led to changing the revolutionary path, in conjunction with the weak role of the forces that presented themselves as representing the opposition.

In the north and east of Syria, the mechanisms of the popular and revolutionary organization were present, and the March 12th Uprising formed an important ground for launching towards the organization and preparation in line with the size of the rapid developments in Syria, so that these regions formed a strong factor to preserve the spirit of the revolution that the Syrian components wanted, and our regions also faced all attempts that wanted to thwart the democratic revolution, especially in light of adopting the strategic vision based on not entering into the conflict over power, and focusing on what is peaceful and democratic change in Syria, “the third line.”

On the 9th anniversary of the revolution in Syria, while we commemorate the general martyrs who sacrificed their blood for a democratic Syria, we, in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, affirm that it is a moral and national responsibility to work to find what ends the Syrian tragedy and contribute to achieving stability and democracy. We also affirm that the regime in Damascus as well as the opposition linked to regional agendas are considered one of the main factors that has deepened the crisis with the determination and intransigence of the first not accepting change, and with the participation of the second in regional projects and Turkish plans that now have been posing a major threat on Syria and its future.

Our war on terrorism was launched from Syrian national points, and we paid the price of that the blood of thousands of our children and still sacrificing, as terrorism and occupation are a great danger, where these factors contribute to worsening matters. Therefore, we call on the national powers to act according to what their moral and patriotic duties dictate to them to move urgently to confront the terrorist system in Syria, and to work to remove the Turkish state and its mercenaries from the occupied areas, as these steps represent a necessity for the Syrian-Syrian agreement and solution.

At the same time, we, in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, call on all parties and political and democratic forces that believe in the peaceful political solution in addition to societal activities and active states to do everything possible to establish the foundations of the solution and stability and embrace the national responsibility in the first place, and we call on the United Nations and its institutions to work to make stronger efforts, especially in working to implement Resolution 2254 and acting in accordance with its historical responsibilities in Syria.

In the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, we affirm our commitment and our willingness to cooperate and work with all parties to serve the interests of the Syrian people and its democratic future in light of a national participation without exclusion or marginalization.


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