​​​​​​​On 4th day of "Revenge for Martyrs of Raqqa" campaign, 6 mercenaries arrested

 The joint forces in the "Revenge for the Martyrs of Al-Raqqa" campaign arrested 6 mercenaries during search operations in the city of Al-Raqqa and the towns of Mansoura and Sirin and its countryside.

 The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces stated that the joint forces participating in the"  Revenge campaign for the Martyrs of Raqqa" continued their campaign for the fourth day in a row.

 According to a statement published by the center, on the fourth day, the search included the city of Raqqa and its countryside, and the towns of Mansoura and Sirin and their countryside.

 The statement added, "The joint forces were able, during the combing operations yesterday, to find large quantities of ammunition and missiles, and six ISIS mercenaries were arrested in the areas that were searched and combed."

 The statement also mentioned that "among the detainees is a mercenary who was responsible for securing residence of the terrorist cell until it attacked the western section of the Internal Security Forces in late December."

 In addition to a mercenary who has worked on preparing remote detonation tools, after undergoing training courses on booby-trapping in the desert.

 This morning, the joint forces began sweeping and searching operations in the Euphrates neighborhood within the city of Raqqa and the Safsafa region in Tabqa countryside, and they are still continuing.



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