On 31st day... violent attacks on a number of villages of Girê Spi; the Turkish patrol run over a citizen

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries yesterday launched large-scale attacks on a number of villages of the countryside of Girê Spi and Ain Issa using all kinds of heavy weapons and flying aviation, therefore repelled SDF those attacks and caused great losses among the attackers, while the armored vehicle of the Turkish occupation ran over a citizen during a joint Russian-Turkish patrol yesterday led to his martyrdom.

With the entry of the Turkish occupation attacks on northern and eastern Syria on the 31st day, the attacks and violations of the ceasefire did not stop, while addressing SDF in the framework of legitimate defense of all attacks.

Violent attacks on the villages of Girê Spi / Ain Issa and SDF address

Turkish mercenaries from ISIS and Al-Nusra launched violent attacks on the villages of Shirkrak and Um Al-Baramil east of Ain Issa. Therefore, clashes erupted during a confrontation with SDF. The clashes resulted in the destruction of a military vehicle of mercenaries as well as a number of dead and wounded in the ranks of mercenaries.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries also bombarded with heavy weapons and tanks the villages of Khirbet Fares, Shirkrak, Zanubah, masoudiya, Debs, Khirbet Karam, Qazali, Kfayleh and Ubdeh. In the countryside of Serekaniye and Ain Issa, SDF responded to it in the framework of the legitimate right of defense, which led to fierce battles. After a heroic resistance, SDF destroyed two military vehicles, a tank and a Doshka-loaded vehicle near the international highway, killed 13 mercenaries and injured 19, and seized 3 weapons and a quantity of ammunition.

In this heroic resistance, 12 SDF fighters rose to the rank of martyrdom and 7 others were wounded, the SDF said in its statement.

SDF: The Turkish occupation did not abide by the ceasefire agreement; America should assume its responsibility as guarantor

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed that the Turkish occupation state did not abide by the ceasefire agreement and tried to mislead the public through lies and promote it as committed to the ceasefire, and stressed that they agreed to the terms of the ceasefire with US guarantees and mediation and should assume its responsibilities as guarantor.

On the other hand, the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mazloum Abdi supported what Robak said in an internal memo criticizing the US administration's position on the Turkish attack on northern and eastern Syria and considered that America was able to make greater efforts to stop the Turkish attack.

Abdi considered Robak's conclusion logical, adding in a tweet on "Twitter" that the United States is still able to stop the Turkish attack on northern and eastern Syria.

During Russian-Turkish patrol, an armored vehicle runs over a protestor

Dozens of women, men and children yesterday threw stones and shabby shoes at a joint Russian-Turkish patrol, which started in the village of Derna Aga in Girkê Legê region, during which a civilian was killed among the protesters that went out against the patrols, as an armored vehicle of the Turkish occupation army ran over him in northern and eastern Syria, the name of the citizen is Serxwebun Ali.

In the same context, the Director of the Information Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mustafa Bali, said that 10 civilians were injured as a result of being targeted by tear gas by the Turkish occupation army.

Humanitarian situation

The Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria is establishing shelter camps to accommodate the people who have been forcibly displaced from the areas of Serekaniye and Girê Spi as a result of the Turkish attack. The administration estimated the number of forcibly displaced after the Turkish attack since 9 of October this year by 300 thousand displaced people.

33 schools were closed and 7,734 students were deprived of the right to education in the border villages of Darbasiyyah district, as a result of the shelling of villages by the Turkish occupation and targeting civilians.



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