Omar: We seek to ensure political solution represented by democratic struggle in Syria future

The co-chair of the Public Relation Office of Syrian Democratic Council SDC explained that they are seeking to complete their work to hold the Syrian- Syrian dialogue, while he indicated that they and several Syrian democratic forces and parties formed a committee in order to hold a conference to ensure a political solution and represent the vanguard of the democratic struggle in the future Syria.

SDC seeks, in coordination with the Syrian democratic forces, to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis, while the meetings held abroad alongside what was held in late 2019 in Ain Issa and Kobani have a positive impact to clarify the visions of the forces for a national democracy and its vision for a political solution in the future Syria."

The Syrian democratic parties and forces, including SDC, are seeking to hold a conference to represent the vanguard of the democratic struggle in Syria, and to develop a strategic plan towards a future Syria and formed a Preparatory Committee in this context.

The co-chair of the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council, Jihad Omar, explained in a statement to Hawar news agency ANHA, what is the formed committee and the goal of holding the conference and explained that they are seeking to bring about democratic change in Syria. As a result, 6 workshops were formed in European countries, after which a broad session was held in which various Syrian personalities participated. It shows the extent of convergence between the SDC views and those personalities and powers.

In the context of his speech, Omar indicated that the Syrian Democratic Council seeks to complete the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and accomplished many actions in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, and the dialogues that were held in Ain Issa and Kobani with vast participation of the Syrian spectra were of a positive nature in establishing democratic forces and developing a strategic plan towards Syria is the future, especially after these crises.

Turning to the conference they are seeking to hold, Omar said that on February 8 and 9 of this year, they held a meeting in Brussels, which resulted in the formation of a Preparatory Committee consisting of 19 members. They are divided inside and outside the Syrian Arab Republic and from various organizations, and part of it is covered. Relations with all those who wish to participate in the conference to be held and who see themselves as democrats and see the democratic struggle as a duty of them to bring about change in Syria and its work continues.

He added that the conference is aimed at revealing the discussions that took place between the preparatory committee and it will be distinguished as a conference with a strategic endeavor based on the inclusion of democratic forces to accomplish strategic actions that will continue for many years, and results will result in the representation of the vanguard of the democratic struggle.

Regarding the name of the conference, its venue and the suggestions they have, Omar said that previously in Syria there was a so-called Democratic Front and it was directly connected with the Syrian government, but the committee that we attended will not be the same and the discussion will be on the name and location, and will be based on two main principles the first included all personalities and democratic forces and accepters of this idea, and the second is that this committee will work on the basis of international work and focus is on Arab countries, and we hope that the conference will be held in an Arab country.

Omar Jihad also indicated that, as a second step, they will try to hold a conference at the level of Syria as a whole so that the democratic forces can participate in it. So holding this conference in my conviction will win the democratic forces a seat in the stage of the international political solution, whether in Geneva or the constitutional committee, which will affect the stage of negotiation and if necessary, you can be a substitute for the coalition and the parties that do not have solutions or legitimate, the stage now for democratic forces and not for the forces That accrue to the international parties and those who exploit the Syrians for their interests. "

In the context of influencing the mentality of the Syrian government and its exclusion of democratic forces, Omar said: "The conference will put pressure on the government, and that democratic pressure from within will have more impact than the pressure of an external agenda, such as the Turkish state and some regional and international countries such as Russia and Iran."

While Jihad Omar revealed that the conference, according to what it had planned, is scheduled to be held in late September of this year, and concluded his speech on behalf of the Preparatory Committee: "All democratic organizations and democratic personalities known to join this conference should support this conference and all Whoever sacrificed for democratic action, we all remember them, and we are confident that the step will be successful, with the support of the people and society, because the only solution is to build a democratic, decentralized Syria that achieves all the rights of its people. "



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