Omar: peoples of N, E of Syria will not acquiesce to Turkish projects

 The politician Najam al-Din Mullah Omar has pointed out the people of north and east of Syria will not accept to live under domination Turkish occupation, and we will confront Turkish efforts to occupy the area under the name of buffer zone.

The Turkish occupation state continues its efforts to occupy the northern and eastern regions of Syria, with various arguments. These days, again, the issue of the "buffer zone" through which Turkey seeks to occupy north and east of Syria is emerging.

Political and social activities in the north and east of Syria see in the Turkish efforts an attempt to consolidate the Turkish occupation of Syrian territories and hit the democratic experiment in north Syria, stressing the readiness of the peoples of the region to confront this scheme.

Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Kurdistan Najam al-Din Mullah Omar said in a statement to Hawar news agency (ANHA) that the Turkish state and the government of justice and development are pursuing a historic policy hostile to the rights of peoples and especially the Kurdish people "Erdogan's mind constantly seeks to create strife, murder and oppression of the Kurdish people's rights and fight it wherever he is, and now he does so in north and east of Syria.

Omar noted that since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Erdogan and his party have sought to create "wars and conflicts in Syria in general, and north and east of Syria in particular," in addition to repeated attacks against south Kurdistan.

The goal is to hit the democratic project

Najam Mullah Omar pointed out that the plans of the Turkish occupation, Erdogan's government and his party "aim to spread injustice and oppression of peoples and create conflicts and destabilize the region." Erdogan sees his death in the development and consolidation of democracy and peace in the north and east of Syria, its main objective is to strike at our free democratic project and to create conflicts in the region

The peoples of the region will not accept injustice and resist occupation

"The whole world knows that the Kurdish people do not oppress or fight anyone, but also will not accept injustice, so the threats of Turkey to occupy north and east of Syria will be confronted by resistance, our people are resistant and will fight all forms of attacks. We will not accept to live under domination Turkish occupation, and we will not accept the occupation of our territories."

Omar concluded saying "Our peoples will join hands together, they will fight the occupation and we will sacrifice for democracy, peace and land."



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