Old person from Afrin in his eighth decade ... strangled to death

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army strangled an elderly (A M), 75 years old in his house and tied his wife and disabled son to steal 37 thousand S.P from their house.

As part of a series of abuses against indigenous people in Afrin canton, some sources told ANHA agency correspondents that a 75-year-old Afrin elder, an Arab component of Afrin's indigenous population has been killed.

The sources pointed out that the mercenaries of the so-called Al-Hamzat strangled the elderly and tied his wife along with his disabled son and exhumed the whole house and found a material amount of only 37 thousand pounds and stole it and left the elderly dead.

 The sources noted that this crime took place last July amid discreet among the relatives of the deceased as a result of the threat of mercenaries to them in case they communicate with any media or the publication of the true story, and asked them to say that he died by the judgment of God?!



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