Official of Immigrants File in Italian Liberal Party to "Hawar": Death rate reached 10%

The Official of the Immigrants and Foreigners File in the Italian Liberal Party, Adel Khattab, said that the number of cases of Corona virus exceeded 47 thousand cases, and indicated that the death rate reached 10% of the infected.

Adel Khattab said in a statement to Hawar news agency that the latest statistics received from the Italian Ministry of Health until Saturday regarding the number of new Corona virus patients reached 47,021 cases, pointing out that the numbers are constantly increasing, and the death rate reached about 10% by 4,032 deaths, while the cases of healing reached 5,129.

Khattab pointed out that the rate of injuries is rising in northern Italy, which includes a large number of Italian investors who travel continuously to China to follow up their business and trade, stressing that the Italian government is making expanded efforts to reduce the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, depending on the health embargo and the imposition of curfews, noting that in Italy, one member from each family goes out to buy household necessities such as food, medicine and other items.

The Official of the Immigrants and Foreigners File of in the Italian Liberal Party Adel Khattab indicated that there is a paper similar to the identification card that is loaded from an electronic distributor dedicated to that, in which everyone who leaves the house writes the reasons for their exit, their path, and the importance of the exit, pointing out that the Italian police review this card; if there is any importance for their exit, they are allowed to go on, or are prevented if it sees otherwise, making them a criminal complaint and a fine of 300 euros or more.

Khattab pointed out that there are restrictions on wearing masks and gloves, and the commitment to the presence of at least a meter between each person and another, stressing that whoever comes out to the streets and is ill, whether with Corona or other diseases is filed a criminal record and pays a fine of no less than 300 euros.

Khattab revealed that the health ban imposed by the Italian government continues until March 25, with expectations of imposing tougher measures after this period of time passes.


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