Official in European affairs: A French effort to impose European sanctions on Turkey

France, on Friday, backed Cyprus' calls for the European Union to consider imposing tougher sanctions on Turkey if the Turkish government does not suspend its search for energy reserves in the eastern Mediterranean waters.

The Associated Press quoted the French Minister for European Affairs, Clément Bion, as saying that his country supports Cyprus' calls for European sanctions against Ankara, and the French official also called on the European bloc consisting of 27 countries to impose sanctions on Ankara in the event that Turkey continues to threaten security and sovereignty of the bloc.

Bion said after talks with Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides in Nicosia, "We believe that the European Union should be ready to activate all available tools, and certainly resort to sanctions if developments do not go in a positive direction."

European Union leaders are scheduled to hold a summit within a few days to discuss how to respond to Turkey's actions in the eastern Mediterranean, which led to the escalation of military tensions between Greece and Turkey.

He concluded that the European Union cannot accept the Turkish measures and that France is "committed" to resolving the issue by showing its military presence in the eastern Mediterranean to support its European Union partners.



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