Occupied Serêkaniyê ... discord gap widens, revenge bombings increase amid lack of confidence

The dispute widens among the mercenary factions of the Turkish occupation over civilians property. Sources confirm that the clashes and bombings are carried out by the mercenaries because of lack of confidence.

Since the occupation of the city of Serêkaniyê and its countryside by the Turkish occupation and the mercenaries of the so-called "Syrian National Army" late last year, It has witnessed almost daily clashes as a result of disagreements over sharing of stolen goods and civilian property.

Scenes of war, death and blood do not leave the minds of civilians in the areas under mercenary control due to the daily clashes and bombings that strike the region in light of security chaos, and Turkey's endeavor to make the mercenary factions, that are directly supported by the MIT, in control of the region.

The mercenaries have divided neighborhoods and Serêkaniyê countryside amid differences over stolen items

Citizen YH, from Serêkaniyê, spoke on animosity, told our agency: “Every neighborhood is controlled by a faction, in addition to their control over the villages. Their differences always appear to public, on how to distribute the market and civilian property, in addition to imposing royalties on civilians. "

After the Turkish intervention in the Libyan affairs and transferring thousands of mercenaries to Libya to fight alongside the Sarraj government, the gulf of dispute expanded between the mercenaries, as some of them refuse to fight there, among them were the factions that are currently located in the occupied city of Serêkaniyê and its countryside.

' Factions affiliated with the Turkish MIT were introduced directly to the region

In an attempt by the Turkish occupation to control all military forces in the occupied areas in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi / Tal Abyad, it introduced a number of factions that directly belong to the Turkish MIT to the region, and declared them responsible for all the military forces there.

However, great differences emerged after this attempt by the Turkish occupation, and the reprisals increased to the point of bomb cars.

The mercenaries take revenge from each other booby traps and IEDs

HY says, “The mercenary factions have recently resorted to revenge against each other through booby traps and explosive devices, and the security chaos has continued since the occupation of the city and its suburbs and until the present time, which has led to chaos, instability, panic and fear among civilians. "

For his part, the correspondent of Hawar News Agency in the Tal Tamr district and its countryside stated that the mercenary's clashes continue almost daily in each of the villages of Tal Tamr sub-district and the villages of Zarkan sub-district of Al-Hasaka canton, indicating that they always are over civilians property

In the clashes, all types of heavy and light weapons are used. Sometimes, mortar and artillery shelling are very common.

In September, our agency documented that the mercenary factions detonated two cars, one of them in the village of Rayhaniya, northwest of Tal Tamr district, and the second in the village of Umm Shaifah, southwest of Zarkan district, through which they targeted their military barracks and their gatherings.

Distrust of the master of the situation among the mercenary factions

One of the sources, who called himself (R.D) for fear of being persecuted, because the mercenaries have ready charges to be attached to civilians in order to force them to displace or pay a ransom money, confirmed to our agency's correspondent that a state of mistrust is spreading among the mercenaries inside and outside the occupied Serêkaniyê. And each faction increased guards around its military headquarters.

The source pointed out that all the news spread by the mercenaries about the emptying of the city of Serêkaniyê of the military forces is unfounded, but they have redistributed the city's neighborhoods among themselves.



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