Occupation mercenaries remove tombstones to build military bases

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation removed the tombstones from the graveyard in Girê Spi and used them to build their military points.

Not only the occupying Turkish state continues launch attacks on the villages of Ain Issa and west of Girê Spi, but also it goes on with building bases and military points for mercenaries.

The mercenaries have removed tombstones from the cemetery of the village of Kfifa, west of Girê Spi, which is under the control of the occupation, and use them to build their points and bases.

To date, 33 points and 5 military bases have been established in the villages of Ain Issa and Girê Spi.

Mercenaries attack civilians from these points, while building earthen berms around the villages under their control.


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