Ocalan's pictures covered demos went out denouncing conspiracy

Under the slogan, "With the Prisons' Resistance, We Will Foil the Conspiracy, and Live Free with the Leader Abdullah Ocalan," thousands of Dêrik area, Çilaxa district in Qamişlo canton with all components went out in a demonstration condemning the international conspiracy that marks February 15. 


Friday marks the 20th anniversary of the international conspiracy that targeted the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan so that thousands of people from Dêrik region gathered in the center of Dêrik to participate in the demonstration condemning the plot.

The demonstration began amid the slogans that salute Ocalan's resistance in Imrali prison as the demonstrators held thousands of pictures of Ocalan that decorated the demonstration.

The demonstrators marched through the main streets of Dêrik amid a complete halt of the markets' movement and the closure of shops. The demonstration went towards the Martyr Pewir Youth Center where the demonstrators held a minute of silence.

The co-chair of Dêrik Council Mohammed Abdul Rahim said, "We deplore the international conspiracy against the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, and consider February 15th day as a black day and a disgrace to the countries involved in the international conspiracy."

Abdul Rahim, "The plot is not against the leader Abdullah Ocalan alone, but the aim of this plot is to target all the struggling and revolutionary movements of the Kurdish people and all the people seeking for freedom"

Abdul Rahim added, "Twenty years passed on the arrest of the leader, while the plot and whoever participated in it have not been able to keep us away from our leader because our love for him, his ideology, philosophy and struggle revive the spirit of struggle within us, and we will continue resisting on his approach until the leader's goals and his freedom are achieved."

The demonstration ended with chanting the slogans that denounce the conspiracy, salute Ocalan's resistance and the struggler Leyla Guven and her comrades who are on hunger strike.


In the same context, hundreds of Çilaxa district's people took part in a demonstration to denounce the international conspiracy. The demonstration began at the entrance of Çilaxa district as hundreds of demonstrators marched through the main streets of the district holding Ocalan's pictures.

Then, they stopped in the center of the district, and a statement was read by the administrative member in the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Çilaxa district Abdul Salam Abbas in which he said, "The conspiring countries, especially Turkey thought that they would extinguish the fire of resistance and struggle by arresting the leader, but the parties involved in the conspiracy were not aware that the ideas and philosophy of Ocalan spread among all the people of Kurdistan who follow the approach of the leader, and that their schemes to impose isolation on the leader is another attempt to cut the relationship between the leader and peoples struggling for freedom."

The statement continued, "No force in the world can separate the philosophy of freedom embodied by the leader Ocalan from the Kurdish people who continue to rebel against resistance, and that the leader's ideas are the key to the only solution to all the crises in the Middle East."

The statement concluded, "We call on all the world to pay attention to the issue of the leader Ocalan, and demand his freedom, and we call upon all our people to be one vote for the freedom of the leader."

The march ended with chanting the slogans calling for the freedom of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

It is noteworthy that Tirbesipiye and Amuda districts have witnessed demonstrations where hundreds of residents chanted slogans that denounce the conspiracy.

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