Ocalan's message is lifeline to all Kurdish people

A member of the Aleppo Cultural Forum said that the Kurdish people are united nationally, but the dispute is between political parties and organizations, so the response to Ocalan's message at this stage is the lifeline and protection the gains that had been achieved by virtue of martyrs' blood.

In conjunction with the emergence of escalation between the Kurdish forces in Zînî wartê region in Başûr of Kurdistan and Turkey's ate attempts to push matters towards Kurdish-Kurdish fighting, leader Abdullah Ocalan during a recent phone call with his brother sent a letter to all Kurdish parties asking them to be vigilant and not to be dragged behind the tricks and temptations and resort to dialogue and understanding away from the language of escalation.

In this regard, ANHA correspondents met with a member of the Aleppo Cultural Forum, Radwan Akri, to comment on the recent Kurdish situation and the importance of leader Ocalan's message.

Radwan Akri indicated at the beginning of his speech that in this sensitive phase the Kurdish people are going through, in the message of the leader Ocalan, the lifeline of all the Kurdish forces in all of Kurdistan, he said: "Responding to his message will have a positive impact on the Kurdish people in all of Kurdistan, the region and the east. The entire Middle East, because the leader is an example and influencing all of Kurdistan, so the Turkish state imposes strict isolation on him so that it does not reveal Turkey’s plans and fail them.”

Akri noted that this is not the first time that the leader Ocalan called on the Kurds to unify their ranks, and in his last message he referred to the 1982 agreement that took place between the PKK and Barzani, and one of its clauses stipulated that political differences should not reach fratricidal fighting, and the necessity of resolving all differences and problems through dialogue.

Akri affirmed that the general Kurdish people, with their various political affiliations, are united in patriotism and nationalism and possess the patriotic spirit that leads them to defend each other in any part. He said: “Rojava Revolution was the best proof of that patriotic spirit, as young men and women from all over Kurdistan in supporting their brothers in Rojava in the face of ISIS and all the dangers facing them, and hundreds of them were martyred in defense of their people in Rojava and Syria, so the dispute is between political parties and organizations, so it must reject differences and reach a common understanding and confront all the plans that target the existence of the Kurdish people and its gains."



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