Ocalan's lawyers: People of the region are optimism about Ocalan's proposals on Turkey, Syria's issues

The lawyers of the Office of the Rights Age said that the proposals of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan regarding resolving the crises of Turkey and Syria according to the constitutional frameworks hope and optimism among all the peoples of the region

The Kurdish people 's Leader, Abdullah Ocalan, met with his lawyer in the second and on 22 May, after the isolation imposed on the leader which lasted for 8 years, while his lawyers revealed through a statement about the content of their meeting with Ocalan.

In a letter to the hunger strikers, Ocalan demanded for an end to their activity and also called for a positive role in Syria through dialogue.

Hawar news agency(ANHA) interviewed with the lawyers of Rights Age's Office, who talked about the content of their meeting with their client in Imrali prison.

'Preventing family meeting him is clear contradiction'

Lawyers said that while strong anti-isolation reactions have been taking place around the world, and while lawyers have been allowed to visit, preventing Ocalan's family to meet him is clear contradiction, the lawyers called on democratic public opinion to shoulder its responsibilities in order to end this situation that is against laws and rights which has been ongoing for years.

Ocalan's role is pioneer and positive in the area

The lawyers said that the isolation imposed on Ocalan over the past years has had clear effects at various levels during the past 4 years in which has been tightened and imposed total isolation on Ocalan, the region suffered from wars and chaos in spite of the limited role of Ocalan politically, but "It plays an important role and offers solutions from chronic issues, which positively affects the whole region. It has been tried that many times."

The lawyers noted that Ocalan reiterated once again during the last meeting that all the peoples of Turkey and the region can live side by side and achieve honorable peace. They emphasized that Ocalan's views and ideas on the subject were deeper than ever before, pointing out that, Ocalan through his letter of May 2, launched the path to achieve democracy and honorable peace.

Regarding the position of Ocalan on the Syrian crisis, the lawyers said, "Mr. Ocalan's position in solving the issues of Turkey and Syria centered on the democratic foundations and constitutional guarantees, this position spread enthusiasm and optimism among the peoples of the region and in the democratic circles ... We must also say that Mr. Ocalan was happy and confident during the meeting, we have seen this clearly. "

Imrali's visit was not included in the CPT program '

On the visit organized by the European Committee Against Torture (CPT) to the Imrali prison on May 7, the lawyers said that the visit was not on the agenda of the committee, clearly indicating the impact of the popular and social struggle on international institutions.

'Several meetings will not limit the reactions against the abstraction'

Lawyers also pointed to several meetings with lawyers or with the family does not mean the end of isolation permanently. "The alternative to isolation is the democracy of Turkey and the honorable approach to peace. It is important to give Mr. Ocalan all his legitimate legal rights, such as media, correspondence, telephone, and visits by lawyers and family. These rights are originally found in the law but our client is deprived of them. The statements of the Minister of Justice include these rights as well. "



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