Ocalan's ideology is freedom, equality that adopted in our belief life 

The parents of the martyrs from Al-Jazeera region indicated that they will continue the struggle until the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan is achieved. And they said, we found in the idea of freedom and equality and adopted it as a belief in our life

The isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan continues after 22 years of the international conspiracy against him, and the isolation is being exploited by the Government of the Justice and Development Party and the Nationalist Movement Party as a special war tool against the Kurdish people and to break their will to demand freedom.

National figures in Al-Jazeera region, got acquainted with the thought and philosophy of the leader Ocalan and presented martyrs for an ideology in which they believed and found it the only solution to liberate the peoples and components of the region, demanding the freedom of the leader Ocalan and affirms that the Turkish state uses this isolation in order to prevent the leader's directives from reaching the people.

We found freedom in Ocalan's thought

Muhammad Sarokhan, the father of the martyr Dalil Sarokhan, who was martyred in 2011 in the legitimate defense areas, indicated that they found in the thought of the leader Ocalan their freedom and believed in it at a time when it was difficult to adopt this thought that was being fought by the ruling regimes, believing that this thought would develop.

Muhammad Sarokhan stated that the Turkish state must realize that its conspiracies against the peoples of the region no longer materialize, and that the freedom of leader Ocalan will bring peace to the region and that he offered his son for this thought and is ready to sacrifice himself for the freedom of Leader Ocalan.

We have adopted a belief that calls for equality

Abdi Khalaf, the father of the two martyrs, Nubar, who was martyred in 1996 in the legitimate defense areas zones, and Lawand, who was martyred in 2013 in Tirbespiyê district, indicated that he had known the thought of the leader Ocalan 30 years ago, and from this thought he adopted a belief in life calling for freedom and equality so that all family members believed in him and they reached the stage of martyrdom for this thought, which has become a goal and a legacy for the peoples of the region.

Abdi noted that the ruling regimes were fighting Ocalan's thought at the time, and today they are also fighting this ideology that frightens their policies based on exterminating peoples, and that no matter how Turkey tries to isolate the leader from the people, his thought, books and philosophy have become a reference for the peoples of the region, and the isolation imposed on him is a policy to prevent his orientations from reaching Peace lovers.

We will continue to fight for the leader's freedom

Hajj Gharbi, the father of the martyr Zakiya, who was martyred in 1992 in the legitimate defense zones, and who got acquainted with Ocalan's thought 36 years ago, all Kurds demanded unity in the demand for the freedom of leader Ocalan, and considered his freedom a gain in resolving many issues in the region, and affirmed his continuation of the struggle for the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Hajj Gharbi called on all international organizations and human rights organizations to break the isolation of the leader and liberate him as an ethical and humanitarian duty.



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