Ocalan: Hunger strikers reached their goal, I'm waiting for them to finish their strike

The leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, thanked the hunger strikers and said they had reached their goal, and noted that he was waiting for the strikes to end.

The lawyers of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan, Ibrahim Bilmus, Newroz Oisal, Rezan Sarija, Radhia Turgut held a press conference in Istanbul on Sunday about their meeting with the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan on May 22.

The lawyer Newroz Oisal read the letter of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, saying, "I am waiting for my comrades who are now in an open hunger strike, and hunger strike to death to end their strike, after having been met by lawyers."

"I thank my comrades and express my love for them," continued lawyer Newroz Oisal.



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