Ocalan has major role in solving Syrian crisis

Al-Jazeera region's intellectuals in north and east of Syria have stressed that Ocalan leader's ideology was the only key in resolving of the Syrian crisis in Syria in particular and in the Middles East in general, pointing out that he called for coexistence of all components without any sectarian or ethnic discrimination.

 The Leader Ocalan's lawyers met him on May 22 and made a public statement on May 26. During his statement, his lawyers explained that the leader had called for hunger strikers to end their strike because their strike had been achieved. Ocalan's lawyers said the leader indicated that he would play a positive role in solving the Syrian crisis if the conditions were created.

The Co-chair of the Intellectuals' Union in al-Jazeera region, the branch of Qamishlo city, Huda Sadoun Sheikhmous, has explained, "The project of the democratic nation, claimed by the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan is a project of peace, security and stability that aims to end the wars and fighting, calls for peaceful resolution of crises and gaining each people its legitimate rights."

Huda Sheikhmous noted that the Leader Ocalan was the key to solving all the problems in the Middle East, and added, "His idea is far from international interests. The biggest proof of this is the international conspiracy that targeted him and the isolation imposed on him for many years, and all this to prevent the idea of enlightenment aimed at building an integrated society free of impurities, power and injustice from proliferation."

In turn, the Co-chair of Intellectual Union in al–Jazeera region Laila Ibrahim said, "The Leader Ocalan can play a positive role in resolving the Syrian crisis, and we must adhere to the idea and his philosophy, not the meetings of Astana and Geneva, which exacerbated the Syrian crisis day after day."



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