Ocalan guides us, his message must be implemented

A number of intellectuals and politicians in Aleppo described the message of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, as historic, and stressed that he guides them "and what is stated in his message must be implemented"

In series of letters, that had been sent after allowing to meet his lawyers, Ocalan mentioned several important topics, including the history of Kurds, Turks, language and culture, as well as proposals to solve the Syrian crisis.

A number of intellectuals and politicians in Aleppo spoke about the Ocalan's messages, expressing their views on the meanings of the messages.

The writer Ahmed Rasho said that Ocalan has repeatedly mentioned the importance of preserving the culture of each component and stressed the issue of the Yazidi people because of the massacres committed against them. "Our Yazidis people have an ancient history from Darwishi Abdi to the island of Botan, and what the leader says for peoples' fraternity is our purpose, and it exists in our culture is our demand and our goal.

On the theme of preserving culture and "not knowing correctly," the writer Mohammed Ali Haider said: "Ocalan's goal here is that we must protect the language that defines and preserves the culture of each component." Kurdish culture is popular, not authoritarian, by being open to other cultures "He said.

Regarding what Ocalan said about creating a basic constitution, which he described as the only way to stand in the way of destruction a member of the Syrian Democratic Council SDC Badran Hamo said that Ocalan is fully aware of what he says about the Syrian crisis from the beginning for a solution. "And to find a constitution means to gather all the components on the opinion and unify them and so they will reach a path away from interventions and will keep their country from division.

He stressed that Ocalan's message is "historical and the key in solving the crisis in the region, which interfaces with many central policies. Ocalan narrated the map of the way through the democratic nation's project because it is considered the solution block and we must know its application because we know it is the most appropriate solution."



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