Ocalan and the Kurdish unity

It is not the first time that Mr. Abdullah Ocalan has called for unity in the ranks. He has always reminded of the common things that unite the Kurds and called for strengthening them to serve the unity of the struggle, as the commons are many and the challenge is the same. This is what was Ocalan focusing on, who called on during a telephone conversation with his brother Mohammed urging the parties to abide by the 1982 agreement signed with the deceased Idris Barzani.

Dr. Jawad Albidani / Director of the Iraqi Institute of the Kurdish Studies

In his treaties, Mr. Ocalan has always appreciated with very good eyesight the risks profile  that are being hatched in the corridors of politics and the course of events. The aim is to tear the Kurdish ranks apart and strike at any rapprochement between the factions and leaders of this people. The enemy has not been able to achieve its goal to provoke infighting and sow strife which affect everyone, the victor is a loser in this battle. 

The scale of the threat calls on the Kurdish leadership to set its priorities, work for restraint and resolve all differences by relying on compromise. Ocalan has always been a reminder of the priorities that the Kurdish people are exposed to. The danger is imminent on the Kurds.

In fact, Mr. Mohammed Ocalan stated that his brother, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan communicated with his family by telephone on April 27, the first call since his capture on February 15, 1999, in which he addressed three axes, and I am trying to talk about the axis of Kurdish-Kurdish relations.

 Although the call was short but useful, Mr. Ocalan said: "There is no need for the Kurds to fight over posts, Kurds need peace and unity,". Yes , everyone is looking for peace, because it  is the main reason for the stability and prosperity of peoples, and preservation of a good life. If the war explodes (God forbid) it greatly affects the structure of society and contributes greatly to the fragmentation of its unity. The enemy achieves its goals. To move away from differences from the chances of peace and conflict over posts and influence complicates opportunities for peace and increases tensions, Ocalan said.

I think that the warning of a crisis between the Region and Qandil at such a critical situation exacerbates the situation of the people, so he urged all parties to stay away from this and this. He said: "There is no use of these policies which serve the Turkish state, neither the KDP nor the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan nor any Kurdish party or movement should enter into the calculations. It is noteworthy that there are calls to the Turkish people that the Kurds do not carry arms at your faces, but want peace and their rights fairly...

Ocalan has set the people's sights on the fact that there is a big issue for which is that everyone must fight during his call to stop the bloodshed.

It is clear that Ocalan has once again instilled confidence in the hearts of his followers, and has proved that he is still a strong player in the Middle East and everyone should understand this and not jump on and ignore this fact.



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