Observatory: Turkish surveillance points shot down regime’s aircraft 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said: The regime forces’ aircraft fell due to being targeted by the Turkish occupation forces' point with a missile directed in Quptan al-Jabal, northwest of Aleppo.

The Observatory confirmed that all the crew of the regime's helicopter (which was shot down shortly in the skies of Quptan al-Jabal, northwest of Aleppo as a result of being targeted by the Turkish forces stationed there with a guided missile) were killed.

The Observatory indicated that two highly mutilated bodies belonging to the downed crew were found.

It is worth mentioning that on the 11th of this month, a helicopter belonging to the regime was shot down after it was targeted by Turkish forces in the airspace of al-Neirab - Qaminas in Idlib northeastern countryside, and all the crew of the helicopter were killed.

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