Observatory: Regime forces regain new positions east of Maarat al-Numan

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the regime forces regained control of new positions to the east of Maarat al-Nu'man, as shelling and mutual clashes continue between the regime and Turkish-backed mercenary gangs.

Axes in the eastern and southern villages of Ma'aret al-Nouman are witnessing continuous violent clashes between Turkish mercenary gangs and regime forces with Russian support, after regime forces and their loyalists seized control of the farms of al-Khawain town hours earlier.

The observatory noted that the regime forces managed to control new areas located east of Ma'rat al-Nu'man by regaining control of al-Zarzour and al-Taman'a villages and their farms, Skiyat and Tel-Aghbar.

In the same context, the warplanes of the regime Russian "guarantor" continue to bombard the countryside of Ma'rat al-Nu'man, and the Helicopters also dropped about 25 barrels of explosives on Jarjnaz, Tah, al-Taman'a and axes in the eastern farms of Ma'rat al-Nu'man.

The observatory documented 36 raids carried out by the regime's warplanes on Tah, al-Taman, Jarjnaz, Umm Jalal, and areas in the eastern countryside of Ma'arat al-Nu'man.The Russian warplanes bombarded about 22 raids targeting the axis of al-Khawain, Tah, al-Taman'a, the perimeter of Bensh and Ma'arshamsheh in Idlib countryside and the axis of Kabana in Lattakia countryside.

Regime forces also shelled hundreds of shells and rockets in the farms of al-Zarzour, Umm Jalal, Taman'a in the southeastern countryside of Idlib, Kabanh axis in the northern countryside of Lattakia and areas in Jabal Shahshbo and Sahl al-Ghab in the northern and western Hama countryside.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the loss of three civilians, including a citizen, as a result of the regime's warplanes shelling on Tah village in the eastern countryside of Idlib. The number of the dead 3,999 citizens since the beginning of the most violent escalation in the “De-escalation zone” as a result of clashes between regime forces and mutual shelling between the two sides on 30 April last year, and until Wednesday 28 August, including 1,035 civilians.



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