Observatory: Iranian killed, Syrian soldiers wounded in Israeli bombardment

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that 17 soldiers of the regime's forces were wounded and a number of Iranians were killed in the Israeli bombardment that targeted military positions in Mesyaf, in the countryside of Hama governorate.

Israeli aircrafts launched raids on military positions towards the town of Mesyaf in Hama countryside.

"At about 2:30 am on Saturday dawn, the Israeli warplanes overflew Lebanese airspace and carried out an air strike on one of the military positions in the direction of the city of Mesyaf," the Syrian news agency SANA quoted from a military source.

The source pointed out that "hostile missiles have been immediately confronted by air defense as it dropped some of them before reaching their goals."

The source said that "the Israeli attack resulted in the destruction of some buildings and wounding three fighters."

While the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the injury of 17 soldiers of the regime forces and armed loyal to it, confirming the killing of Iranian elements and pro-Iranian fighters in a bombardment of the Israeli aircrafts to the center of the development of medium-range missiles and accounting school and vanguards camp in the countryside of the city of Mesyaf.



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