Observation tower in 2nd Turkish military base near Ain Issa

The Turkish occupation set up a watchtower at its military base which it established two weeks ago, on the outskirts of the international road, west of Ain Issa town.

The Turkish base, which is the second, is located only 500 meters north of Maalek village, north of the international road, and it was provided with radars and military machineries, as well as heavy weapons, while the base was surrounded by earth mounds.

On Saturday, the Turkish occupation provided the base, which is 3 km away from the center of the town, with a high control tower to monitor movements on the international road and its south.

The Turkish military base is 1 km away from the joint point between the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Syrian government forces and the Russian forces on the southern end of the M4 international road.

The Turkish occupation completed the process of building a military base near the village of Saida, 2 km north of Ain Issa town, on the 23rd of November of last year.

The Turkish military bases caused  6 civilians loss of their life and the wounding of 16 others due to artillery and missile strikes on different areas of the district.

The battle fronts witness a cautious calm, after two months of the Turkish military escalation and shelling with hundreds of shells that targeted the town and a number of villages on the international road, followed by failed infiltration operations of Turkish mercenaries to reach a number of villages on the eastern and western areas of the town.


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