​​​​​​​NPG congratulates HPG's successful operation against Turkish occupation's unit

The People's Defense Center's (NPG) command congratulated the Guerrilla fighters (HPG) on the military operation they carried out on May 2nd against the Turkish military unit in Badalis.

The NPG command sent a congratulatory message to the leadership of the regency of Khorzan.

The congratulatory message read:

"The Guerrilla fighters in the regency of Khorzan carried out a successful and powerful operation on 2 May 2020 against a special unit of the Turkish army occupation in the area of the village of Sat in Badlis.

The fighters took control of a special enemy unit for a long time, then inflicted heavy blows on it and seized the weapons, indicating that the operation was successful.

This operation also indicates that the Guerrilla fighters have failed the enemy's plans through their deliberate tactics and inflicted heavy blows on the enemy.

In this context, we congratulate all the comrades, commanders and fighters who took part in this work in the Sat region and captured enemy weapons, and wish them more victory.

We pay a tribute with love and respect to all the comrades and troops fighting in the regency, and we wish you all the success in your sacred revolutionary struggle."

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