Notables Council: Ocalan represents free people’s will, his health status must be verified

The Notables Council of Northeast Syria has made it clear that leader Ocalan represents the will of free peoples, who are calling for unity, freedom, democracy and peace, and has demanded that the Turkish authorities allow the leader Ocalan’s lawyer to visit him to ensure his health.

On Thursday, a fire broke out in a forest on the island of Imrali, where leader Abdullah Ocalan was detained. As soon as the people of northeast Syria heard the news, they went out to the squares and organized sit-ins, including the city of Qamishlo, where the people protested in front of the United Nations headquarters, and confirmed that the activities of the tent will continue until a while knowing certain information about the health of leader Ocalan.

Speaking at the sit-in, Abd al-Rashid al-Hamid, a member of the Notables Council in northeastern Syria, and one of the elders of al-Jawalah tribe, explained that the Turkish authorities had started the fire on Imrali Island, where the leader Abdullah Ocalan is being held.

“We demand the protection of the health of leader Ocalan, who represents the will and freedom of the people,” Abdul Rashid Al-Hamid addressed the Human Rights Organization, the international community and the United Nations.

Al-Hamid pointed out that leader Ocalan has been striving for decades for the oppressed peoples to obtain their legitimate rights. “Ocalan has been fighting for prisons for the peoples of the region for more than twenty years.”

Al-Hamid, on behalf of the Notables Council of Northeast Syria, called on the Turkish authorities to clarify the situation of leader Ocalan at once.

Al-Hamid explained that leader Abdulla Ocalan represents the will of free people, who demand unity, freedom, democracy and peace.



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