Notable of Bakara clan: Deir Ezzor tribes oppose any attack on area

A notable of Bakara clan in Deir Ezzor confirmed that they are in one trench with the SDF in confronting any attack on northern and eastern Syria.

The notable of Bakara clan, Ayesh Al-Ramadan, spoke about the Turkish ambitions in the Syrian lands, "especially in Ain Issa, which is a connection point in northern and eastern Syria and its location is very important.

Ramadan added, "Turkey has ambitions for the underground wealth in northeastern Syria, and for all the wealth in the region."

The town includes points for the Syrian government forces and a base for the Russian forces, which were stationed in the town following understandings with the SDF last year, with the start of the Turkish attack on northern and eastern Syria.

The town is under Turkish shelling and attacks that the mercenaries backed by the Turkish occupation launch ,which have caused civilian casualties.

Ramadan reminded of Turkey's bloody record against the people of the region, and said, "Turkey has a black history in the region dating hundreds of years, and we do not want history to repeat itself, as the region is now enjoying safety and stability."

Ramadan considered that the Turkish attacks on the town are a systematic violation of the ceasefire agreements with the United States and Russia.

Ramadan pointed out that the silence of the guarantors of the cease-fire regarding the Turkish attacks "which raises the fear of the possibility that Turkey will reach suspicious agreements with Russia."

Al-Ramadan stressed that Deir Ezzor tribes “stand together with other components in the region, and with the unity of the Syrian lands against Turkish ambitions, and we will stand in the face of any aggression that affects the Syrian lands.”



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