Norwegian Foreign Ministry representative: We hope to have good cooperation with AA

The Norwegian representative said that the Autonomous Administration (AA) was making great efforts towards displaced people in the region, noting that they wished to be cooperative with the AA of northern and eastern Syria.

Today, the representative of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, Christine Netland, visited the AA headquarters of North and East Syria in the Ain Issa district of Girê Spî canton.

The representative of the foreign ministry received by the co-chair of the Department of External Relations of AA Abdul Karim Omar, where a meeting between the two parties lasted more than two hours closed to the media.

After the meeting, the representative of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry told the media about the content of the meeting and the reasons for their visit to North and East Syria's AA.

"It is a great honor for me to be in this region with you now," he said.

"We held an excellent meeting with the Department of External Relations in AA and discussed the humanitarian situation," said Christine Netland.

"Norway recognizes and appreciates the AA of North and East Syria and its efforts, but nevertheless has good and humanitarian work for the displaced," he said.

"Today we have discussed several issues and I will convey the message of AA to the Norwegian government, and I hope there will be good cooperation between the AA and the Norwegian government," he said.



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