North Lebanon … soldiers killed by shooting fire, Wadi Khaled operation continues

The Lebanese army announced that gunmen in a car opened fire towards the guards at one of the army centers in the locality of Arman - Minya, in northern Lebanon, killing two soldiers, in addition to the killing of one of the gunmen, while the others fled to an unknown destination.

The army added in a statement that the issue was being pursued to arrest the fleeing militants and to uncover the circumstances of the attack.

In another context, the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces indicated that “within the framework of the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces following up on the perpetrators of the Kaftoun crime, this division was able to identify the 4 perpetrators, who were found to be part of a cell working for ISIS in Lebanon.”

And it added in a statement, as a result of the informational and field follow-up, the Information Division was able to identify all the members of the terrorist group, numbering more than 15 people, as it arrested 3 members of the group, and the division reached to determine the whereabouts of the members of the armed group in the Wadi Khaled area in a secluded house. The strike force carried out a security operation to surround the house by the strike force in the division. The group's members fired light and medium weapons at the force, and they were answered, which led to the killing of all the militants.

The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces confirmed that the process is still continuing, and the results will be announced.



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