North-east Syria preparing to get rid of IS

North and east Syria is preparing to get rid of the last stronghold of IS in Syria, prompting the mercenaries to use gangs war tactics. While the Russian accusations against the United States about its plan in Syria show the atmosphere between the two sides.


All Arab newspapers published on Wednesday morning touched upon the battles witnessed in IS' last pocket in Deir ez-Zor.

Al-Hayat: "Syrian Democratic Forces": "IS" is escalating the gangs' war

"The Syrian Democratic Forces announced on Tuesday that IS organization has escalated its gangs' war against its fighters in eastern Syria, pointing to the threat that will posed by the hardliners even after they lose their last stronghold there. SDF is about to defeat the "IS" in the last stronghold in al-Bagouz village, where the troops estimate the number of hardliners several hundreds, as well as about 2000 civilians are under siege. The director of the SDF's Media Center Mustafa Bali said that IS mercenaries have intensified their attacks away from the last front over the past few days. IS launched two attacks three days ago in Thiban village, 90 km north of al-Bagouz.

Al-Bayan newspaper: East of the Euphrates in Syria is preparing for the salvation from «IS»

In this context, al-Bayan newspaper said, "East of Euphrates in Syria is preparing to get rid of the last stronghold of IS in Syria, the announcement of that may be today. A source in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said that trucks entered the last pocket of IS east of Syria on Tuesday to evacuate the remained civilians."

The newspaper added, "SDF said that the isolating of the civilians in the pocket of al-Bagouz village from the remained terrorists holed up there is considered a crucial step toward eventual control of the region." Furthermore, a Reuters witness at a site near al-Bagouz said that he saw dozens of trucks on a road heading towards the village".

Al-Arab: Moscow accuses Washington of working to divide Syria by establishing a state east of the Euphrates

Al-Arab newspaper wrote, "Russia raised the level of tension with the United States on the future of Syria which revealed the conflicting agenda of the two countries to approach the files of the Syrian interior, including the situation of the Kurds who find themselves in a difficult situation, especially after the frequency of strong statements of the regime against them, the latest statement of the media adviser to the Syrian President Basshar al-Assad, Buthaina Shaban who rejected the autonomous rule of the Kurds, and turning the decision of Donald Trump to withdraw from Syria into outputs are not commensurate with the Russian ambitions in Syria."



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