Nordic Monitor: Turkish army trained mercenaries to carry out sabotage operations in Syria

The Swedish Nordic Monitor has revealed that the Turkish military has secretly increased the training of mercenary gangs to manufacture explosives in Syria.

A secret Turkish military documents dated on June 2016, and signed by Yasar Guler, the Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, revealed that 151 people were jointly trained by the United States and Turkey until October 9, 2016.

Turkey decided to continue unilaterally in the program and the processing of the project after the withdrawal of the United States. The Turkish troops completed the training of 312 mercenaries by June 2016, when Guler prepared the document.

The review of the documents indicates that the Turkish program has focused particularly on the Bayer Bujak region in north-west Syria near the border of the Turkmen minority.

On February 4, 2016, the Turkish army established the Operations Coordination Center (HKM) for the mercenaries in the town Aeladaga in the southeastern province of Hatay near the Syrian border.

Guler said 117 mercenaries trained on "non-conventional operations" (KOH, Konvansiyonel Olmayan Harekat), a term used by the Turkish army for asymmetric war, sabotage, infiltration, improvised explosive devices, explosives and gang war tactics. In addition, 601 mercenaries received basic combat training.

In the documents, General Guler referred to Turkey's frustration that a plan called Agate Noble, a military operation in Zeitnilk intended to fight Daesh, was completed at a US-Turkish meeting in September in Stuttgart, Germany, and was not activated because of what he said the lack of the United States desire to move forward with the plan. The Turkish general wrote instead of that the US forces had increased their cooperation with Syrian People's Protection Units in the fight against Daesh.

The document, which was sent to the Prime Minister's Office, the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) and the Foreign Ministry, confirmed the involvement of the Turkish army in supporting the mercenary groups in Syria, which were fighting Syrian regime forces.



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