Noon Initiative calls human rights organizations to take firm stand against disciplinary punishments

The "Noon Initiative for Ocalan's Freedom" condemned the recent punishments imposed on the leader Ocalan and demanded the relevant civil and human rights organizations to take a firm stand regarding everything that is being committed against the leader, Ocalan.

The "Noon Initiative for Ocalan's Freedom" issued a statement to public opinion, denouncing the disciplinary punishment by Bursa High Criminal Court on the prisoner of free thought, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, and on the other three Imrali prison detainees.

It added that the new disciplinary sanctions were revealed after the request submitted by Mr. Ocalan's lawyers on June 23 this year.

The initiative pointed out that "it is not the first time that disciplinary punishments have been imposed on Mr. Abdullah Ocalan in his solitary confinement in the center of Marmara Island, since his arrest on February 15, 1999, in the wake of an international kidnapping and piracy operation, just because he calls for the brotherhood and unity of peoples."

The initiative added, “During all these long years, lawyers’ meetings with their client were not held periodically for flimsy pretexts related to the weather at times, or metaphorical and random punishments issued by the prison administration.

Members of Mr. Ocalan’s family were also rarely able to meet with him, although it is the simplest rights for detainees to meet with their lawyers and their families.

Noon Initiative also called on CPT to visit “Mr. Ocalan in his detention and disclose his health condition.



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