Newspaper: Israel sets new conditions for calm, provide facilities for Gaza

Israel will not agree to any continuation of the understandings of truce with the Palestinian factions in Gaza or even humanitarian facilities for the Gaza Strip, except on new terms, Israeli newspaper "Israel Hayom" reported.

The newspaper said that Israel wants to tighten its positions more towards Hamas, and will not agree to any new facilities for Gaza, only after the return of soldiers captured in Gaza, and stop all the demonstrations on the border of the Gaza Strip.

 The newspaper quoted sources: The Egyptian intelligence chief, Abbas Kamel, met within days with high-security sources in Tel Aviv, and that these sources informed him of the new conditions of Israel.

It said that the Israeli security sources informed Kamel that they would not agree to the request of Hamas to release the editors of the deal of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who was re-arrested following the prisoner exchange deal that took place in 2011 between Gaza and Israel.

The newspaper added that Israel had made it clear to the Egyptian delegation that it would not agree to allow the entry of Qatari funds into Gaza except for certain projects.

The newspaper pointed out that Israel asked the Egyptian delegation to inform Hamas of these conditions, and that it would not agree to any new facilities, without the return of soldiers, and an absolute halt to the march of return on the borders of the Gaza Strip, otherwise the escalation will take a different path.



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