Newspaper: Expanded meeting between Republican senators, Trump to discuss sanctions on Turkey

US President Donald Trump called on all Republican senators to the White House next week for a meeting on possible sanctions against Turkey for buying Russian S-400 missile systems, the Washington Post reported.

Turkey began last week to receive Russian missile systems despite objections from the United States, which has concerns that the S-400s can access sensitive data for the F-35 stealth fighter aircraft.

The meeting between Trump and the Republican senators will take place on Tuesday, the Washington Post reported. The issue, which was circulated to senators on behalf of President Trump, is "sanctions on Turkey."

Trump said this week that the United States would cancel the delivery of 100 F-35s purchased by Turkey, while the Pentagon announced that Turkey's participation in the F-35 fighter-co-production program had been suspended.

The newspaper pointed out that there is bipartisan support in the US Congress to impose more sanctions on Turkey,  but Trump said on Thursday that the US administration is not considering sanctions against Turkey at the moment. Republican Senators Rick Scott and Todd Young, have this week issued a resolution calling for full implementation of the sanctions under the defense agreement, describing Turkey's purchase of the S-400 air and missile defense system as a threat to US and NATO national security.



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