News of Iraq’s governor killing by ISIS mercenaries in Deir ez-Zor

The Anti-Terrorism Service in Iraq announced the killing of the so-called “Governor of Iraq” by ISIS mercenaries, wanted by the Iraqi judiciary Moataz al-Jabouri with a strike against the international coalition in Deir ez-Zor area in Syria.

A statement issued by the Anti-Terrorism Service in Iraq announced on its official webpage the news of the killing of the called Moataz Noman Abed Nayef Najem al-Jabouri, known as (Hajji Tayseer) who occupies the position of the so-called governor of Iraq and the assistant leader of the ISIS mercenaries for all states’ affairs, and is responsible for planning and coordinating for external terrorist operations, and that after following his moves for a long time.

The agency pointed out that al-Jabouri was targeted by an air strike by the international coalition aircraft in the Syrian area of ​​Deir ez-Zor according to accurate intelligence information from the Anti-Terrorism Agency.

It cautioned that al-Jubouri "has more than one passport and identity to move around, and he never uses the phone for fear of persecution."

Furthermore, the news has not been confirmed or denied by the coalition forces so far.


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