Newroz is new beginning for building coherent, integrated society

​​​​​​​Women Council in North and East of Syria has congratulated the Kurdish people, the Aryan peoples, and female fighters on the frontlines of the battle for Newroz, and noted that Newroz is a new beginning for building a mutually supportive and integrated society.

On the occasion of Newroz, Women Council in North and East of Syria issued a written statement congratulating the occasion.

The text of the statement:

"The Aryan peoples, especially the Kurdish people, celebrate the Aryan New Year's Day which falls on the twenty-first of March, meaning the new birth or the new day, the day that symbolizes freedom and breaking restrictions and the victory of Kawa al-Hadad the Kurdish boy over the unjust king, carrying the flares of light to the weak and oppressed, declaring the birth of New Day.

Newroz is the new day that symbolizes peace, love and equality for the Kurdish people, those people who sacrificed themselves and participated in dozens of revolutions and uprisings in order to gain his freedom intending peace and brotherhood, and he is still struggling for these noble values that were the core in building AA as a democratic project for the people of the north and east of Syria, with its Kurds, Arabs, Syriac, Armenians, and Assyrians, a new beginning is made to build a coherent, supportive and integrated community, an entity capable of providing security and safety for its children, and a safe haven for hundreds of thousands of displaced and refugees people from various Syrian cities amid the crisis The Syrian people live.

The Kurdish woman was and still has a pioneering role in carrying the flares of freedom on the path of struggle, she carried arms, a sickle and a pen, and was the example and role model, and she rose herself and other women from various Syrian components during the path of the Rojava revolution and the Syrian crisis.

Newroz is saddened due to the exceptional circumstances that the region is going through from occupation to Serêkaniyê and Tel-Abyed, and all celebrations and gatherings have been stopped in order to protect the safety of citizens and protect them from the outbreak of the Corona virus, which has become a major threat to the human community throughout the globe.

Freedom for Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Tel-Abyed and all occupied areas.



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