Newroz Association on Şengal massacre memory: We salute resistance shown by Yazidi people

The Newroz Social and Cultural Association in Lebanon recalled the massacre committed by ISIS mercenaries against the Yazidi people in Şengal in 2014, and saluted the resistance of the Yazidi community.

In conjunction with the sixth anniversary of the Şengal massacre committed by ISIS mercenaries in 2014 against the Yazidi community, the Newroz Social and Cultural Association in Lebanon issued a statement to the public opinion.

The text of the statement came as follows:

The 3rd of August coincides with the 6th anniversary of the horrific massacre committed in Şengal / Sinjar, where the Yezidis were exposed to the genocide before the entire world at the hands of the takfiri terrorist groups represented by ISIS, which were supported and colluded with the authoritarian regimes, especially the Turkish regime.

Although the Yazidi people were subjected to 73 massacres in their history, what distinguishes the massacre No. 74 from its predecessors is that it aimed to completely eliminate the Yazidi component as existence, belief and identity, and to annihilate it and erase its culture rooted in history, so the whole world witnessed those terrible scenes of killing children by thirst and starvation under the burning fire of August sun, and among the brutal methods against the Yazidi women is slaughtering and selling them.

We, as Newroz social and cultural association, condemn and denounce this massacre, its perpetrators, all its accomplices, and everyone who bears responsibility for its horrific repercussions against the Yazidi presence, while at the same time, we salute the heroism and historic resistance shown by this great people, by forming popular defense units in general and women units in particular in defense of the sacred beloved land of Şengal."



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