New tragedy in Idlib, Paris proposes formation of international tribunal in Iraq

After Aleppo and Ghouta, the tragedy of the Syrian war in Idlib is repeated before the eyes of a silent and helpless international countries regarding the killing of children, while France proposes the establishment of an international tribunal to try the elements of Daesh in Iraq.

The Arab press reported today the situation witnessed by Idlib from the bombing and killing of civilians, and the French call for the formation of an international tribunal to try Daesh.

Okaz: After Aleppo and Ghouta ... A new tragedy in Idlib

"After Aleppo and Ghouta, the tragedy of the Syrian war in Idlib is repeated in front of the eyes of an international world that is silent and helpless about the killing of children, the bombing of hospitals and the displacement of the population," the newspaper said. After the defeat of Daesh in March, the violence of the war no longer excites condemnation as in the past.

"The whole world watches the ongoing massacre and keeps silent, and the United Nations has not acted," said Mohamed Zahid al-Masri, a representative of the Syrian NGO Coalition. Since the end of April, the Assad regime and its Russian ally have been intensely shelling southern Idlib and its environs, in conjunction with clashes on the ground between regime forces and militant factions and the killing of more than 300 civilians, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. More than 270,000 people have been displaced according to UN figures. More than 23 medical facilities and 35 schools were bombed. "

Al-Hayat: Paris proposes the formation of an international tribunal to try "Daesh" in Iraq

In the matter of Iraq the newspaper of Al-Hayat said "French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said on Thursday that she discussed with European countries" "the formation of an international tribunal in Iraq to try foreign terrorists involved in Daesh. "

"This is a hypothesis that was put forward at the European level with a number of my colleagues from the ministers of interior and justice," Belloubet said in a radio interview. "These discussions are taking place within the framework of the group, which includes German, Spanish and Italian justice ministers.

Eleven French nationals arrested in Syria and tried in Iraq for belonging to "Daesh" were sentenced to death, which drew sharp criticism in France, especially by lawyers specializing in criminal cases.

The Justice Minister stressed that this court is only a "working hypothesis". She added that this "international tribunal" would be established "in the place, not in Syria most likely, perhaps in Iraq," noting that it could work with the participation of "European, French and Iraqi judges."


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