New special operation in Sanaa province

The Arab Alliance in Yemen announced on Saturday the start of a qualitative operation to target legitimate military targets in the province of Sanaa, amid the coalition control of a series of mountain heights in Saada province.

"The military targets include air defense sites and ballistic missile storage sites belonging to the Houthis," the Saudi-led Arab alliance in Yemen said, referring to Houthi air defenses that threaten the air traffic of United Nations aircraft and international organizations.

The spokesman of the coalition, Turki al-Maliki, confirmed the destruction of five air defense sites and the storage of ballistic missiles, pointing out that the targeting process is an extension of previous operations, which was implemented by the command of the joint forces of the coalition to target and destroy air defense capabilities and other hostile capabilities.

In a related context, the Yemeni National Army forces backed by the Arab coalition forces controlled new areas in the province of Kataf, Saada province, which was fortified by the Houthi forces.

The coalition forces took control of a series of mountain heights "Nejed al-Fares" and tighten the control of the fire on "Wadi Al-Fahloin" overlooking the center of the Department of Kataf in Saada province, according to the commander of the Kataaf Brigade Major General Raddad al-Hashemi.

Hashemi said in an interview with the Seba news agency that the military operations in which the artillery and coalition fighters took part, eliminated many elements of the Houthi forces and inflicted losses of equipment.



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