New Security Council draft resolution for a three-month global humanitarian armistice

The UN Security Council intends to vote on a draft resolution calling for the establishment of a "humanitarian truce" for 90 days in all armed conflicts around the world, to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid to those most in need, in light of the spread of the Covid 19-pandemic.

The French-Tunisian draft resolution stipulated in its first draft, which these countries put forward last week, to stop the fighting for a period of only 30 days, and to "a comprehensive and immediate cessation of hostilities in all countries on the agenda of the Security Council" and to strengthen international cooperation in combating the pandemic.

But the new draft resolution, which was reformulated on Monday, now states that "the Security Council calls on all parties to armed conflicts to immediately engage in a humanitarian truce for at least 90 consecutive days, to allow the safe, continuous and unimpeded delivery of humanitarian assistance, and to provide services relevant by neutral humanitarian actors. "

The Council has not yet set a date for the draft resolution to be put to a vote, as the biggest problem of this text lies in its inclusion of an empty paragraph dealing with the role of the World Health Organization, to which the United States has been heavily criticized for its way of managing the emerging Coronavirus crisis.

On March 23, Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres launched a call for an immediate and global cease-fire aimed at strengthening ways to combat the pandemic, and on that day he asked the Security Council to support his appeal, especially in conflicts monitored by the Security Council, such as that in Syria Yemen, Afghanistan, Mali, Central African Republic, Libya, Sudan, and Colombia.

On March 25, the United Nations announced a "humanitarian plan" to help between 30 and 40 countries among the most vulnerable to confront the pandemic, and to this end it launched a call to collect donations amounting to two billion dollars, which will be secured after half a month, according to the international organization.

According to United Nations estimates, the amount required to support the population most affected by the repercussions of the pandemic is $ 90 billion, two thirds of which can be funded by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.



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