New sanctions on Caracas, racist outlook to Yezidis are most worrying

While Washington imposed new sanctions on Caracas, the nuclear talks were held before Trump-Kim summit, making the racist view towards the long-standing Yezidi religion of the future of believers in this religion in doubt, and this is considered the most troubling plight in Iraq.


On Saturday morning, the international newspapers touched upon the beginning of the final battle for defeating IS and the persecution was practiced against the Yazidis.

The beginning of the final battle against IS

The British Daily Telegraph newspaper said that the Syrian Democratic forces are planning to eradicate IS in full, after launching the operation to defeat IS in the last their stronghold.

The newspaper pointed out that SDF launched their latest attack on the village of al-Baguz immediately after sunset on Friday night.

The newspaper quoted from the Media Spokesman Mustafa Bali saying, "After the evacuation of thousands of civilians and our comrades who were taken as hostages by IS in al-Baguz, the process of eradicating the last pocket of IS was launched at 18:00 on Friday."

"The operation is expected to last for two days, but it could take a week to complete the elimination of the remaining IS' mercenaries," Bali told the Daily Telegraph.

The racist attitude towards the Yezidis makes their future questionable

The newspaper said that Kurdish forces launched a rescue operation when the Yazidi people were attacked in northern Iraq by IS in August 2014. Many Yazidis were led to safety and spent years in the refugee camps in Iraq; however, their future remains in doubt as a result of the racist view of this ancient religion.

The newspaper added, "Of all the disappointments after the gradual defeat of IS - the failure to rebuild, the mistreatment to prisoners, the militias' taking over a large part of Iraq - and the plight of the Yezidis may be the most worrying."



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